Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Mohamed Khamsi


Mohamed Khamsi knew he wanted to be a doctor – but the type of doctor changed from M.D. to D.D.S. as he discovered more about himself and how he wanted to make positive change in the lives of patients.

“I’d always had that connection to healthcare because I felt like it’s a really noble pursuit,” Khamsi said. But after a year in medical school in Boston, he realized it wasn’t the path for him. “For a couple of years, I felt lost in the dynamic of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

Khamsi went back to school to get a master’s degree in public health, but it was ultimately his younger sister’s career journey that gave him inspiration. Aicha Khamsi was finishing dental school at Texas A&M College of Dentistry. “She raved about how dentistry is all the stuff that you want in healthcare with more control over your destiny because you have so much more autonomy as a healthcare provider. It’s also focused care, and you can guide the direction of it.”

So, Khamsi followed his little sister’s path and attended Texas A&M College of Dentistry as well. “I liked that the school not only provided a robust education, but it is focused on tackling a lot of more complex social issues like health disparities and a lot of the big ethical issues,” Khamsi said.

That educational approach shaped the type of practice he wanted to be part of after graduating in 2022 and is the reason why he followed his sister yet again. “I think that was a really big influence as to why I ended up choosing Benevis. My sister had been working for the organization, so it was kind of funny to be led in that direction by my younger sibling. But she shared how the organization was heavily focused on trying to do more outreach and bigger patient loads, particularly for patients that tend to be forgotten and left by the wayside.”

Inspired by his sister’s positive experiences with Benevis, Khamsi saw an opportunity to align his values with a dental practice that prioritizes making a difference in the community. “I think Benevis tries very hard to see the spaces where people are falling through the cracks and coming up with a mechanism to make it a win-win.” Both practice for the Pinova Dental & Braces branch, but in different office locations in the El Paso, Texas area.

Khamsi’s commitment to patient care is exemplified by a poignant story of a patient who was concerned about sores in her mouth. She had gone to other clinics but was told her insurance wouldn’t cover the tests needed to diagnose the issue. “She was getting tossed around without any clear answers.”

After an assessment, Khamsi determined she had oral cancer and had to have a tough conversation with her. “It was painful to broach that subject with her, but she was thankful in the end. She had suspected something major was going on and I was the first doctor to put it into words and give her a plan for next steps.”

For Khamsi, this experience encapsulates the true dynamic of making a positive impact on people’s lives. “It sounds cliche, but it is true. You do the job because you want to have a positive impact on people.”

In El Paso, about 85% of the population is Hispanic. “There is a great need for underserved patients in the region and these patients have smaller avenues to explore their health options. It’s fulfilling to be able to offer robust healthcare to those patients.” Many of his patients, over half, are also children. He emphasizes the importance of educating both the child and their family to ensure lasting oral health.

For those considering a career in dentistry, Khamsi advises an authentic approach. “If you approach something authentically, then it starts to speak to you on a deeper level. It really is rewarding to be in healthcare and to have a positive impact on someone’s life.”

For current or prospective patients interested in dental services with Dr. Mohamed Khamsi or his fellow providers in the El Paso, Texas area, learn more on the Pinova Dental & Braces website or call 915-995-5054.