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Benevis CEO Shares One Thing That He Would Change About The Industry

Bryan Carey, CEO of Benevis, speaks with Becker’s Dental + DSO Review to detail how the one crucial change he would make is to ensure access to quality dental care for all Americans, regardless of their income. Unfortunately, the scarcity of dentists willing to accept Medicaid patients, often citing inadequate reimbursement, exacerbates the issue.

Benevis Celebrates “Happy Healthy Smile Month” in Honor of Dental Hygiene and Orthodontic Health

Atlanta, GA, October 10, 2023 – Benevis, a leading dental service organization dedicated to providing accessible, affordable, and exceptional dental care, is delighted to announce its celebration of “Happy Healthy Smile Month.” This special month of recognition coincides with Dental Hygiene Month and Orthodontic Health Month, emphasizing the crucial roles that both dental hygiene and orthodontia play in achieving a lifelong, confident smile.

Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Chase Thrasher

Growing up in a small town, Chase Thrasher did not envision becoming a dentist one day. “Our community had one dentist in the entire town, probably the only one in a 30-mile radius. As a kid, I assumed I couldn’t pursue a career like that.”

Expanding Access to Dental Care

Every child deserves access to high-quality dental care and an equal opportunity to develop good oral health habits to help them thrive and live healthier lives. Unfortunately, there are many barriers to dental healthcare, especially for children living in the nation’s most vulnerable communities.

Benevis Named a Top DSO to Know

Becker’s Dental + DSO Review highlighted the top DSOs that have gained traction and experienced major growth in the last few years, including Benevis.

Mysteries of the Mouth

Did you know that you produce about 1 liter of saliva each day? Check out our list of 5 mysteries of the mouth!