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Benevis Orthodontics 2023 Leadership Meeting

The success of the Benevis 2023 Orthodontic Meeting is a testament to the dedication and capabilities of the orthodontists who participated. These professionals, driven by a shared passion for their field, joined forces to elevate the standard of orthodontic care across the country.

What do Baseball, the Braves, and Newly Graduated Benevis Dentists Have in Common?

Embarking on a professional career after dental school is akin to stepping up to the plate in a baseball game. Just as the Atlanta Braves strive for excellence on the field, new dental school graduates set their sights on success in their dental careers. Joining Benevis, a leading dental support organization, adds an exciting dimension to this journey.

Men’s Oral Health 

For Men’s Health Month, we're sharing some surprising facts about men's oral health and dental habits. Learn more in our infographic and video.

Surprising Facts Women Need to Know About their Oral Health

I’ve worked in healthcare for more than two decades and I had no idea how significantly my hormones have affected my oral health as a woman. That’s probably why these findings have come as such a big surprise to me all these years later.