A Physician Guide to help integrate oral health into your primary care practice.

The earlier in life a child begins routine, preventive dental care, the better their ability to avoid oral disease. With your help, we can improve gaps and reduce barriers. Because we know that when oral health and primary care are combined, access to dental care improves. It’s a win-win for your patients’ whole health.

By connecting this important information to physicians like you, together, we can help kids and families prevent the early onset of dental disease for lifelong health.

In this Dental Home Playbook, you will find:

  • Physician Checklists to help you support your patients' oral healthcare. 
  • Risk Assessments and Caries Risk Management tools for younger patients.
  • Important links to dental Medicaid and CHIP resources you can share with your patients. 
  • Caregiver Checklists to educate families on how to care for their teeth.

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