Happy, Healthy Smile Month



October is Dental Hygiene Month and Orthodontic Health Month. What a great time
to talk about teeth!
According to the Surgeon General, more than 51 million school hours are lost each year to dental related conditions. We want to make sure the kids in our communities are learning good dental habits to help them have a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

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Benevis is excited to celebrate Happy, Healthy Smile Month! Our mission is to create a nation of happy, healthy smiles. Together, we can make a difference! Download the infographics, educational materials, and visit our social channels to learn more.

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Happy, Healthy Smile Infographic


White Paper:
The Price of Poor Oral Health


Orthodontic Infographic

Tooth Fairy Coloring Sheet

When children color, they engage their independence and self expression. Print this fun Happy, Healthy Smile Month coloring sheet to celebrate!

Tooth Fairy Activity Sheet

The tooth fairy needs your help! Count the teeth in each jar and write the numbers in each square next to the jars.

Tooth Fairy Maze Sheet

Mazes help increase children’s overall brain power and problem-solving skills. Let’s help the Tooth Fairy get through the maze!


Great oral health can last a lifetime! Make sure your little ones & family are on the right track by making regular visits to the dentist. Our dentists & team members share common beliefs — everyone, no matter their circumstance or needs, deserves the opportunity to thrive. We’re equipping kids and parents with the resources to be successful. Small wins lead to big victories. A healthy smile is the beginning of a healthy future.

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