Benevis Collaborates with SkillBridge to Empower Veterans through New Dental Career Opportunities

Benevis is an industry provider for the Department of Defense program that offers meaningful employment transition services for military members.

Atlanta, GA, January 24, 2024 – Benevis, a leading dental healthcare and orthodontics delivery organization committed to providing quality care to underserved communities, is excited to announce its collaboration with SkillBridge, a Department of Defense program. This collaboration aims to offer transitioning service members meaningful career opportunities within the Benevis network of 120 dental offices across 13 states and Washington, D.C., underscoring the company’s commitment to supporting veterans. 

Through the SkillBridge collaboration, Benevis will provide veterans with access to training, mentorship, and employment opportunities in the oral healthcare sector, focusing on expanding access to care in disadvantaged communities. This initiative not only aligns with Benevis’ mission to make a difference in the communities it serves, but it also recognizes the unique skills, disciplines, and perspectives that veterans bring to the workforce. 

Veterans are known for their exceptional work ethic, leadership abilities, and adaptability – qualities that are invaluable in the fast-paced, ever-evolving healthcare industry. Benevis believes that integrating these skilled professionals into their workforce will not only enhance their team but also improve the quality of care provided to a diverse patient population. 

“As a SkillBridge provider, Benevis is committed to creating a veteran-inclusive environment that values the experiences and skills of former service members to build a diverse and dynamic workforce,” shared Bryan Carey, CEO of Benevis. “Through our collaboration, Benevis aims to provide veterans skill development and mentorship to meet the oral healthcare needs of our communities, while also offering career opportunity advancements upon program completion. We believe this career development will be a win-win for veterans and our company that stands to benefit from their experience.” 

A Spotlight on Veteran Support 

A recent example of the embodiment of Benevis’ ongoing commitment to veterans is Chris Fisher, a former U.S. Army soldier and current clinical operations manager at Benevis, managing clinical operations across multiple states. Fisher’s transition from an eight-year military career to a pivotal role at Benevis is a journey of resilience, dedication, and growth. After his military service, he took on the challenge of healthcare, driven by a personal mission to serve the community. His 12-year journey with Benevis is a testament to the impact that military training and discipline can have in the private sector, particularly in healthcare. 

As a former Medicaid patient himself, Fisher’s passion for providing quality dental care to underserved populations resonates deeply with Benevis’ mission. His story is not just about professional success; it’s about making a real difference in people’s lives, whether it’s through direct patient care or mentoring new dental assistants, some of whom were inspired by Fisher himself to join the field. 

Veterans like Chris Fisher bring unique qualities to the civilian workforce – a strong sense of mission, leadership skills, and a commitment to service. “Benevis recognizes these traits as invaluable, especially in healthcare, where dedication and resilience are key,” said Benevis Chief Dental Officer Dale Mayfield, DMD. “By collaborating with SkillBridge, Benevis is not just providing career opportunities for veterans; it is strengthening our own mission to deliver exceptional care to those who need it most.” 

With this new collaboration, Benevis is excited to welcome more veterans into its ranks, confident that their unique skills and experiences will enrich the organization and enhance the quality of care provided to patients. Chris Fisher’s journey from soldier to healthcare leader is just one example of the extraordinary potential veterans bring to the civilian world, and Benevis is proud to be part of their continued journey.  

To learn more about starting a meaningful oral healthcare career at Benevis, explore the company’s career website or read inspiring care team dental spotlights. 

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