Benevis Reports Positive Economic Impact on Louisiana’s Oral Health During National Dental Hygiene Month

Benevis Taylor Dental & Braces decreases patient costs while increasing its investment in preventive oral care in nine underserved LA communities.

Atlanta, GA, October 3, 2023 — Benevis, a leading dental healthcare delivery organization for practices focused on delivering life-changing oral care and orthodontics, and its nine Louisiana-based dental and orthodontic offices at Taylor Dental & Braces(goes to new website) are proud to announce the success of their work to lower cost of care for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) patients during National Dental Hygiene Month, a time to reflect on how oral health is an essential component to overall wellbeing and how good hygiene serves as a building block of a healthy lifestyle. With over a decade of experience in the State of Louisiana and 101,000 patient visits annually— 94% of which rely on Medicaid or CHIP— Taylor Dental understands the unique needs of their diverse patient population and that proactive and preventative dental hygiene is critical to curbing the long-term costs of poor oral health.

Taylor Dental has proven that investing in routine preventive care helps to decrease costly dental conditions. Taylor Dental data from 2019-2021 found that by engaging patients earlier in their oral care, its nine practices realized lower costs of care per patient — despite treating underserved populations. Based on paid claims data, the practices’ costs per patient were also significantly lower compared to the network of dental providers in the state. Additional details include:

  • Lower costs of care per patient in each of the three years of data saving, on average, over $78 per patient.
  • Spending on diagnostic and preventive services was proportionately higher than spending by the total Louisiana dental provider network over the same three-year period.
  • Significantly higher utilization of sealants compared to other providers in the state.
  • Dramatically lower per-patient need for usage of composite fillings and lower utilization of stainless steel crowns than other providers.

“Taylor Dental & Braces’ early intervention and education of patients on the importance of oral health not only supports better care, but also lower costs of care. It means that their care teams have spent more time on patient exams, X-rays, and sealants, and less time and expense on fillings and crowns. This model is a win-win for the patient with healthier teeth and less invasive care, and the provider and their ability to deliver a better patient experience and improved outcomes. There are also significant benefits to payers and Medicaid agencies as these lower costs can support increased access and availability for more patients to be treated,” shared Bryan Carey, CEO of Benevis.

“Making sure that every child and adult in Louisiana has access to affordable, high-quality dental care is mission critical to Benevis and our Taylor Dental & Braces practices,” explained Dr. Carl Boykin, DMD, Benevis district dental director. “This data proves that prevention works, and it prevents later problems and related costs for our patients. We’re making a difference for every family we serve in the state.”

Louisiana ranks among the lowest in the United States for dental health and number 49 for fewest dentists(goes to new website) per capita, which makes finding a dentist challenging and finding one who accepts Medicaid even harder. Serving disadvantaged communities has long been a hurdle in the dental health community, with only 43 percent of U.S. dentists accepting(goes to new website) Medicaid or CHIP plans for children, and 67 percent of them not ever treating a single child. Benevis is proud to be among the small group of dental providers, 18 percent, who choose to manage(goes to new website) a Medicaid population that includes more than 100 child visits annually. The DSO serves over 500,000 children, 82 percent of whom are Medicaid patients.

However, adequate provider reimbursement is critical in improving patient access to oral health. Recognizing the importance, policymakers in Louisiana increased reimbursement rates for dental Medicaid in July 2023 by adding more(goes to new website) than $50 million in funding across the state. The substantial investment in dental healthcare is beneficial because it will help to expand the number of dentists available to Louisianans with Medicaid coverage. For patients that have recently lost Medicaid or CHIP coverage due to the redetermination process, Benevis highlights resources available to families to help protect their dental coverage. Click here to view the LA resources(goes to new website).

To read the Taylor Dental case study, please click here.

About BenevisBenevis is a leading dental healthcare delivery organization for practices focused on delivering life-changing oral care and orthodontics to underserved communities. Through comprehensive care and operational services that expand access to dentistry, Benevis has a 20-year history of providing the highest quality care to approximately 5 million children and adults. Its network reaches more than 100 locally branded dental offices across the U.S. that deliver treatment through 1.2 million visits each year. Benevis also advocates for programs and legislation that ensure all families have access to the oral healthcare they need and deserve. For more information, visit