Benevis Dental Professionals Making a Difference for 20 Years and Counting!

At the midpoint of our anniversary year, we are thrilled to continue celebrating the 20 years and many ways Benevis has made a difference in dental care. With heartfelt thanks to our incredible dental teams, we are committed to breaking down barriers to affordable, high-quality oral health by expanding access to children and families in underserved communities across the country. We could not be any prouder of the difference Benevis teammates have made in the dental health and care of the five million patients we’ve served for over two decades.

It’s fair to say we have a lot to talk about after 20 years on the job, but we like how longtime Benevis team members have said it best.


Thanks to our incredible dental professionals and patients for making us who we are today!

To learn more about the impact Benevis has made over 20 years, watch our Video or download our Benevis Impact Report.